Our commitment is to provide you with the highest level of jewellery care services.

We would be delighted to offer you advice and services to personalize your jewels, restore them or simply preserve their beauty and longevity.  Should you have any questions or need more information regarding our services, we invite you to contact our Customer Service team or visit us. In this section, we would like to outline the most important services we are able to offer: –

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Commissions and bespoke jewellery

We are proud to stock a beautiful range of diamond, gem set and pearl jewellery. We do however understand that customers may want an exclusively unique piece of jewellery made. Since our early days, we have partnered with exceptional goldsmiths and jewellery makers to create beautiful bespoke jewellery designs, including bespoke engagement rings and one of a kind anniversary gifts. They are masters of traditional techniques that ensure all our fine jewellery commissions and unique creations are perfectly finished.

Pearl Stringing

Pearl stringing is a traditional technique that requires patience to master and an eye for detail. Our renowned in-house pearl stringing team offer necklace re-stringing, grading, extension and adjustments. We renovate older pieces and alter the shape and style of your pearl jewellery. Necklaces or bracelets which need re-stringing can be dropped off at our store or shipped to us. Want to change the colour of a pearl? Or perhaps you’d like to adjust the length of a necklace? We can transform a single row pearl necklace into a double row and even find perfectly matching pearls to enhance your existing pieces. We can also remodel brooches into clasps for stunning choker centre pieces. We work closely with all our clients to ensure the finished product is exactly in line with your requirement. Once we receive a re-stringing job, we will aim to have it completed within 24 hours.  We string pearl necklaces with nylon and the finest silk for both strength and beauty. We recommend that pearls are strung every six to 18 months depending on wear. Heavier necklaces should be strung regularly as the weight of the pearls will pull the thread causing unsightly gaps and leaving it prone to breaking. It is also advisable to do pearl stringing as soon as the thread looks stretched or when tiny gaps start to appear between pearls and next to the knots.

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We are proud to stock a large selection of clasps at our store from simple ball clasps to exquisite diamond pave ones. Our extensive range includes 9KT/14KT/18KT yellow, white and rose gold or sterling silver. Diamond set, gem set, pearl set, single row or multi-row. They can be bought individually as well as with our pearls. The perfect clasp will add a uniqueness and elegance to your purchase. Since presentation is nearly as important as the gift itself, the right clasp will add that perfect finishing touch.

Diamond Mounting Service

While setting a diamond on to a ring, pendant or bracelet, it is essential to make sure that the stone is fitted securely, allowing sufficient light to enter the stone. Using traditional and modern methods to achieve ultimate precision, we offer a diamond setting service that is bespoke to your requirements. Also, if you have a loose diamond you would like to set, bring it to us. We’ll help you choose a mounting that fits you stone; tastes and budget and we will professionally mount the diamond for you.

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Sometimes that special gift needs a more personal touch. Sometimes what you want to say is so special that you want your loved one to be able to keep it and treasure it forever. We can help through our expert engraving service.

Insurance Valuations

You may require a valuation for a number of reasons; the most common is that your insurer requires one to provide adequate cover for your jewellery. We offer expert jewellery valuations for insurance purposes.

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Jewellery Repair & Cleaning Service

At Sakata, we help you keep your jewellery as beautiful as the day you bought it. That’s why we offer an extensive range of repair and support services. Our services include cleaning and refurbishing, rhodium plating and polishing, re-sizing and bespoke alternations. We recommend that claws are checked on all settings at least once a year. A delicate item might require specialist cleaning to avoid damage. Our jewellers will also look out for signs of wear and tear and suggest essential repairs before problems persist.

Sourcing pearls, diamonds and precious stones

Our over 60 years’ experience in the jewellery trade has allowed us to be well connected to the world’s leading diamond bourses and most important pearl trading houses. It is our belief that you cannot spend too much time looking for the perfect stone or perfect pearl. We leave no stone unturned in the search for jewellery that most closely matches your requirements. We conduct the hard work in sourcing signed jewels with proven provenance so that you can be assured of what you are buying.

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